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Question asked by Storganise on Sep 23, 2016
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Hi All,


I've been asked by a colleague to come up with a plan, and (shock horror) I don't think FileMaker is the answer. Well, it is ONE answer, but it's an expensive one and too big for what he needs...


He is a Complimentary Therapist, and goes into company workplaces to give advice on stretching, exercising, etc...


He wants to leave the Company with an App that will allow one person to control messages that will pop up on workers' screens telling them to stretch or exercise. A nice simple user interface, with the sole purpose of sending out messages at a given time to a given number of machines.


The reason I don't want to do this in Filemaker is the cost - He's there offering a service with a natty add-on at the end, and then expecting the company to pay £10 per user per month for the privilege.


Ideally, I would want to do a little VBA script for Windows and Applescript for Mac Server to control the Task Scheduler and Messaging apps respectively, but there absolutely has to be something out there that does this already.


So, any ideas? I'd be keen to do it in Filemaker if anyone has a thought of a nice cheaper way of doing it.