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Revert/Cancel Message on IOS Device

Question asked by rkutcher on Sep 23, 2016

Some older posts talk about a problem when IOS devices go to sleep and then upon reawakening the device an error message with a Revert or Cancel option appears.  Apparently this issue was reported to Filemaker.  I am getting what I believe to be the same error and it occurs in the same manner, i.e. after the device goes to sleep.  The system seems to think someone else is using the database.  Another important point is that this only occurs when we have not committed the field entry (by that I mean we enter data in a field and then the machine goes to sleep before we click out of the field)


Does anyone know of a fix other than just make sure you always click out of all fields before the device doesn't go to sleep?  How about a script that starts a timer every time you click into a new field and that script commits the entry after a set period of time i.e. before the device goes to sleep?