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    Displaying divisions between checkboxes


      Hello, I am using Filemaker Pro 11 and Instant Web Publishing. I have a field with a value list of a hundred items displayed as checkboxes.


      In the Edit Value List box it says "Add a divider by entering a hyphen "-" on a line by itself. I've done this but once it is published no one can see the divisions. Entering extra carriage returns does nothing either.   Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.  -Derryl

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          Both the checkbox and radio button formatting don't interpret those dashes. The dashes are only seen in pop-up lists and pop-up menus. However, blank lines will put spaces in between your values, so you can visually separate your values by creating blank lines.

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            If you don't mind managing multiple value lists, you can:


            1. break up your single value list into multiple value lists,

            2. place multiple instances of the same field on the layout and

            3. assign a different value list to each instance of the field.


            This would give you more control over the grouping of value list items and spacing.

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              Peter's method is my preferred method with Radio/Checkbox on IWP pages. However this is only "easy" (relatively) with short custom lists. It will not be possible with variable field-based value lists.


              if 100's of items, it would probably be my decision to use a scrollable portal "pick-list". I wouldn't even use the drop-down/pop-up for that many items. the use of checkboxes implies many items could be selected and a pick-list could do that by setting a field with each value selected (into a global field, perhaps).


              OP might search for dwindling value lists, though I have not tested any with IWP.


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                Scottworld, I don't need dashes and spaces would be fine between categories. Unfortunately neither using hyphens, blank returns or even spaces creates a gap. Everything just runs together on the published file.