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N00b help needed with sorting fields

Question asked by pietergoris on Sep 24, 2016
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Hi everyone,



I recently started with Filemaker Pro. I'm not really a database guy, since I come from the UI/UX design world. That probably already explains my n00b questions.

A friend of mine started his self employment and needs some software to organize his customers, invoices and products. Since I do have some background in the IT sector he asked me for my help. I agreed to help him out freely since he's a good friend of both me and my brother.


Now, I could go with the advanced pre-made solution "invoices", although it lacks few options and the design is not really my style.

The main reason why I want to start from scratch is to understand the complete database better, so I can help him out with support on a longer term. Also I need to be able to assist him with future integrations.


Now to come to the problem that I'm having.

In the file in attachment I made a sorting with dropdown list. But the sorting below isn't functioning like it should. I tried comparing it with the pre-made solutions but I can't find the error.


Is there anyone that wants to help me out and see's the problem. Rather then getting a quick fix I would like to get some information on what I did wrong in human language. In other words, keep it as noob-ish as possible


Many thanks in advance for the assistance and help.