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    FMS15 and virtual hosts


      Hi all


      Been using FMS11 for MENY years now but need to move to FMS15 for obvious reasons :-)


      While I know similar questions have been asked and answered before I have not, despite a lot of tries and experimentation managed to get this to work with WebDirect ... Internally, everything works perfectly but from outside I get nowhere.


      My config is as follows


      Internet <--> NAT router <--> MacOS X server 10.8.5 funning my WebSite ( <--> FMS15 server (


      Have tried to set up a Virtual most on by adding an "include" to the cont-file and adding a virtual server with the following syntax:


      cat tigers.local

      <VirtualHost *:80>

        ServerName tigerfu.local

        ProxyPass /

        ProxyPassReverse /



      Crated a link on a webpage to http://http://tigerfu.local/fmi/webd#WebFollowup_v4

      which work perfect internally but not from the outside.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.