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    Filemake over VPN Issues


      We are using Filemaker Pro 7, 8 and 11 with
      Filemaker Pro Server 9 Advanced. We have recently installed a new Juniper
      Firewall into the network system. We have a number of users who use Filemaker
      internally over the network without any issues, those who connect in from the
      outside via VPN are getting connectivity issues, in all cases the Filemaker
      connection drops but the VPN connection remains stable and access to shared
      drives remains connected. The Filemaker drops are various - it affects all
      external users, using different ISPs, by different Filemaker Versions and
      totally random. A Filemaker drop would only affect 1 user (ie they do not drop
      out together) The Advanced server is set for an idle time set to a maximum of
      23 hours, the VPN to a maximum of 18 hours.

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          1) Things were working (assumed) before the VPN replacement

          2) VPN was replaced

          3) Now VPN users are having issues (non VPN users are not)


          Sure sounds like a VPN issue to me! And given that a quick google of "Juniper VPN keeps dropping" returns a myriad of results spanning over 10 years, I'm leaning towards that as the likely cause.


          It should be noted that while it "appears" that your drives and VPN connection stay active, they could be timing out, dropping and reconnecting in the background while the user just sees a pleasant "all clear" status. You can diagnose this with packet sniffing (WireShark) and identifying dropped packets. You can also check the logs on your hardware side for obvious timeouts.


          Unfortunately troubleshooting based on the results I've read is mostly outside of the filemaker sphere. Do you have a support agreement with Juniper? I'd be checking on that side.


          Also this:

          We are using Filemaker Pro 7, 8 and 11

          FM7 is 12 years old! If you're upgrading your hardware, you should be upgrading your software in-step. Ironically, one of the features of later versions of FileMaker is better parity in dealing with timeouts, something that older versions are more prone to.

          Reconnecting to files after communication with the host is interrupted | FileMaker

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            FWIW, we also went years and years with a mix of 8, 9 and 11...afraid to upgrade and lose everything.

            The upgrade to 13 was pretty seamless.


            We are on 13, so I cannot comment on how hard the upgrade to 15 would be.

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              Not sure what you’d be afraid to lose. You can get a free trial of filemaker 15, take a backup of your old files, convert them, and then see if everything works after the conversion; all without paying a dime for licensing or having any risk to your current setup.

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                The upgrade from 13 to 15 could be done in hours, you'd get better performance, and you'd be current with some very important security features. I highly recommend the upgrade (with clients and server).


                And to the original poster...FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8 are so old that they can't even use conditional formatting. I agree with Mike...it is high past time to upgrade!

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                  FMP 5.5 - FMP8  Had to rebuild the whole friggin thing from blank page.  Took months and put our manufacturing back on paper.

                  We were pretty cautious about 13, but it went smooth as butter.