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Calculation retirement date

Question asked by Michiel on Sep 23, 2016
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Hi Guys,


At first: Excuse me for my English, it's not my native language.

I have some difficulties regarding to the calculation of the retirement date. In the Netherlands the retirement date is depending on the day of birth:

(dates in Dutch format: day:month:year)


Before 1-1-1948: 65 year

Between 1-1-1948 and 30-11-1948: 65 year+1 month

Between 1-12-1948 and 31-10-1949: 65 year+2 monhs


After 31-12-1954: 67 year


In my solutions I have the fields "DayOfBirth" and "Retirementdate". I'm searching for the calculation of the "Retirementdate" field.

For example, if the day of birth is 20 may 1960 (20-05-1960), the calculated date of retirement must be 20-05-2027.


Thank you all in advance for your comments.


Grz. Michiel