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Import script from external Filemaker Solution

Question asked by Powerbook on Sep 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Powerbook

It's quite a while I'm searching, but i cannot fine a proper answer.


I am now using a "Solution" that I have distributed widely to different users in runtime mode.

Now after one year almost, I have a Solution1, that is an evolution of the first Solution, with some script and layout upgrade. All the tables and relations are the same. That I would like now to distribute again as new upgrade.

In order not to loose all the datas in the "Solution" I would like to transfer all the data in the tables  into the "Solution1" with a script.


My question is:


What is the correct way to have the script ask you the path of the file (Solution) where to extract datas, so that after he can run and execute all the different import of all the tables automatically, with no question asked anymore from the script itself?


I hope I explained myself


thanks for any help.