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    Dialog Window.



      My user is presented with a layout (they are in dialog mode), I am trying to figure out the best way of keeping this popup/dialog current but be able to navigate to a layout within a different file.

      If I try opening the file from the dialog it fails.

      So I Guess I'm trying to open a layout from an external file while retaining in dialog window, may not be possible?

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          Exactly what "Dialog window"?


          Show Custom Dialog?


          Or a window opened with the "new window" script step?


          I routinely open windows using the new window step and if I make the window a "floating document" window, it will stay "in front" even if that window is from a different file.


          Show Custom dialog has a number of limitations such that I often use either a new window or a Popover in place of the custom dialog. In this situation, I'd use New Window.

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            Sorry I meant a window opened in dialog option, i will see if floating option works for me.