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    Looking for sensei with some free time


      Hi everyone,



      I'm reaching out to you because I need some help.

      I'm not gonna waste your time so I'll keep it short. Normally I don't ask for help easily. I'm more the 'RTFM' kinda guy.


      On the other hand, I promised a friend to help him out for free, and I hate to break promises.

      I would need some sensei help from somebody that has some spare time. Somebody that wants to teach me a thing or two.


      What I'm trying to do:


      I'm trying to recreate the "invoice" pre-made sample in a more stylized manner.

      I could just restyle the existing DB, but I'm trying to understand what exactly it does. Since coming from UI design I don't have a lot of experience with this.

      I'm trying to understand how the 'thing' works so I can provide support to my friend in the long run. I'm good with styling, but not so skilled with programming and databases. The good thing is, that I want to learn.


      Hopefully somebody can give me a couple of times Skype or Email support. That would be great.


      I could post all questions here, but my assumption is that I won't make my deadline easily and on the other hand, I don't want to 'spam' the forum with all kind of newbie questions either.



      Best regards,

      And many thanks in advance.