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When you were a teenager, did you ever go on a Photo Scavenger hunt?


I recall doing that. We were handed Polaroid cameras and a list. We piled into our cars and returned at an arranged time with a collection of photos that we then compared to see who had the "best" pictures of the night. Our parents weren't too happy with reports of less than safe driving, but what I remember most was the good time we had comparing the photos and laughing over the crazy poses that people dreamed up.


So when my daughter had her 15th birthday party on our small family farm here in California, I had the idea to hold a safe, sane, and technologically updated version of this activity. I created a small FM GO app with a list of items either named or described and placed in one of two categories: Regular or Bonus. The players were divided into two teams with one iPhone each to walk around the farm finding the items and taking a picture. The rule was that at least one member of the group had to be in the picture with the item being photographed and they were told that bonus points would be awarded for the "best" picts.


When they started the game, they had a list of all bonus picts on one tab panel, a list of 5 regular picts on a second panel. The items that they'd found and photographed were listed on a third panel where they could review and retake picts as they wanted. They just tapped an item on the list to bring up the camera and take a picture. Each time they took a picture, a new item was added to their list. Since the items were randomized ito different orders on each phone, this helped keep them from looking for the same item at the same time.


A time was set in the app that caused the app to stop accepting pictures at a specified time so they would then return to base at the same time. I then imported the images into a FileMaker file on my computer and used it to put up the photos side by side on a large monitor where they could see and laugh at the pictures and I could award bonus points for the "best" pictures taken of a given item. I figure my UI design on the phones was pretty good since I only needed about 30 seconds to show each "team captain" what was what.


This wasn't a fancy app by any means, no new FMGO 15 features were used but a great time was had by all. So I decided to upload the files that I used here in case others would like to use them. You may not have a farm on which to play the game, but a city park or a camp ground could probably serve as well.


I've left the list of items that I used as examples of what you might try for your use of the game. (A "Prowler" by the way, was a reference to an RV Trailer of that brand parked up against our barn, not a guy in a mask, though one team took a pict of a cat tried to call it a "prowler"...)


I'm sure that there are many enhancements both to the design of the apps and how the game is played that can be dreamed up by those so inclined.