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    Window position


      I've been setting top/left positions to get my layout windows into specific positions. This works fine on OSX, but, for example, when I set top/left to 0 on OSX, it positions the layout window in the centre. Post-links dealing with this seem to have disappeared. What do I need to do to take account of the OSX/Windows differences?

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          Johan Hedman

          In Windows there is a window border around FileMaker that you have to take into considerations.

          Mac if you say 0 position Top it will appear 0, but on Windows it will be 0 position Top of the FileMaker Window, meaning a little bit further down

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            I should have said, this in a RunTime, in Kiosk mode so it should be all the screen. Also, the window in question is smack in the middle when it should be top left, so it's way more than a little bit.

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              David Moyer


              can you just not define the screen position and make the window full screen?  (full screen via the Adjust Window script step)

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                I should have also mentioned that the user is likely to have a 'Home' window open for navigation, a 'Main' window and possibly 1 or 2 others. I've arranged the most used windows so that the user can easily see/ click to them. Hence the importance of them going into their relative positions.

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                  There are get functions that tell you a window's size and location. The WindowNames function lists all open windows. So it is at least theoretically possible to set up a script to check the size and location of other windows prior to specifying the size and location of a new window.


                  I've added a "help window" to our rather elderly solution where a portal lists a series of "topics" relevant to the layout where they clicked a button to open it and clicking a topic in that portal slides a slide control to a new panel where a small article associated with that topic is then displayed for reading. Fields in the Help Table that controls that context sensitivity record the preferred location and size for that window to open. I've added buttons hidden when not opened with full access that allow the developer to "save" the windows current size and location. This allows them to open the help window, adjust it's size and location to that most convenient for the context in which it opens and then they click one button to "save" that information.


                  And other get functions can detect whether the user is on a Mac, Windows or iOS system so your code can adjust for platform differences.


                  I've been reading this thread and really am not sure exactly where exactly you are having trouble with this.

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                    Relevant script lines I've used for the Window that ends up centre screen on a PC are:

                    If [ not IsEmpty(FilterValues (WindowNames;"Home")) ]

                    Select Window [ Name: "Home"; Current file ]

                    Else If [ Get ( ScreenHeight ) >750 and Get ( ScreenWidth ) >450 ]
                    New Window [ Style: Document; Name: "Home"; Height: 495; Width: 333; Top: 0; Left: 0; Close: Yes; Minimize: Yes;

                    Maximize: Yes; Zoom Control Area: Yes; Resize: Yes ]

                    New Window
                    [ Style: Document; Name: "Home"; Height: 495; Width: 333; Top: 0; Left: 0; Close: Yes; Minimize: Yes;

                    Maximize: Yes; Zoom Control Area: Yes; Resize: Yes ]

                    #Need to create a 'Front_small' layout with scripts/buttons leading to smaller layouts.

                    End If


                    Where is update to the 'elderly solution' you mention?


                    I'll have a look at the 'get' functions again.

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                      Don't see why top, left values of 0,0 would put the window anywhere but in the top left corner of the monitor. This is how it has worked for me on numerous windows systems.

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                        Stephen Huston

                        Kiosk Mode is your issue. It controls the one and only window when in kiosk mode, placing it central to the screen.

                        You can have either kiosk mode OR window placement control (and multiple windows), not both.

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                          Ah. I didn't realise that. Thanks.