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Updating in the Cloud: FMS & FMA on an AWS Instance

Question asked by smith7180 on Sep 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Mike Duncan

Hello Community,


I manage many large databases for clients on AWS instances.  I update the databases (with bug fixes and new features) by importing all the data from the client's database into a new clone (all done via a script), and then I remove admin access from this new database.


I would like to perform this process on the AWS instances, as opposed to downloading the client's database to my machine, updating it, and then uploading it back to the cloud.  Performing the update on the machine would save quite a bit of down/upload time per client not to mention AWS's outbound traffic costs.


This is the routine I plan to follow:


Log in via Remote Desktop

Close the client's database in FMS

Copy the database which resides in the FMS database to a folder outside of the FMS directory (probably just the desktop)

Perform the update (imports the database into a clone that has my updates/bug fixes)

After the update and removal of admin access, place the new version into FMS's database folder

Delete the old version (which never left the FMS database folder) via the console


I just wanted to run this routine by the community to see if anyone had any suggestions/criticisms (like perhaps I should close FileMaker Server first?).