Selecting source of data table then enter in portal row.

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Hi dears!

Our products and sales are little different and a bit challenging. It is aluminum bar to build doors and windows. In preparing bill we choose customer name, sold date, gate pass number etc and then enter a number of different products in the portal rows. User choose product ID and in next field all related information appear. He put the quantity of lengths and discount. All the other calculated fields filled up by formulas. Normally we sell in standard lengths (18,16 and 14 feet). But if customer demands a piece of length we have to cut a length to required feet. The remaining piece will stay in store and create problem for inventory counting of full lengths. It is manageable using MOD function but what if more than one piece of same item accumulated. So we created an other store "Piece Store".

Our requirement is that the first field of portal row should be for choosing store location. By default it should be Main Store and next field of Product ID will populate the list of main store items and third with available stock. But when user select Piece Store, next field should show the date from Piece store, the populated list and available quantity should appear from that store only.

How it could be achieved? If a sample file could be refered will be adaptable easily. Thanks