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    WebDirect + iOS + GoTo Field




      A file running on FMS14 on Mac + WebDirect.


      A script contain a single line: GoTo Field.

      The field has a color frame when the field is in Focus.

      With FM and FMGo, the goTo field works fine, the cursor comes in the field and the keyboard appear on iOS devices.


      With Safari the field is selected -> color frame on the field but no cursor and no Keyboard comes on the iPad. With a desktop there is no cursor but if I type the data appears in the field.


      Moreover, with Safari, when I click in the field nothing happend, I have to click exactly (must be very precise) at the place where the cursor has to come, then yes the cursor and the keyboard comes on the iPad.


      I have no problem when the field is a popUp menu, Check box or radio button, I can click and select the data.

      There is no script when I enter in the field and it's the same with global or text field.


      Any idea?


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          Johan Hedman

          What is the Theme you are using? If it is Classic I recommend you choose another that is built up for WebDirect

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            Thanks for your reply,


            but it works with FMGo and FM.

            In the meantime I found the reason.

            I started this new file a week ago and I copied some fields (Fields definition window), some fields and objects from a layout and also scripts and customised functions from another FM file.

            This other file was created in FM9 (.fp7) and has been converted in .FM12.

            I remember, that a few years ago an other FM developer told me that he had encountered problems for the WebDirect after he copied elements from a FM file created before the WebDirect exist.

            I started a new file and since 2 days everything works perfectly well.

            I didn't copy anything anymore from another file.





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