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WebDirect + iOS + GoTo Field

Question asked by bkaisin on Sep 25, 2016
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A file running on FMS14 on Mac + WebDirect.


A script contain a single line: GoTo Field.

The field has a color frame when the field is in Focus.

With FM and FMGo, the goTo field works fine, the cursor comes in the field and the keyboard appear on iOS devices.


With Safari the field is selected -> color frame on the field but no cursor and no Keyboard comes on the iPad. With a desktop there is no cursor but if I type the data appears in the field.


Moreover, with Safari, when I click in the field nothing happend, I have to click exactly (must be very precise) at the place where the cursor has to come, then yes the cursor and the keyboard comes on the iPad.


I have no problem when the field is a popUp menu, Check box or radio button, I can click and select the data.

There is no script when I enter in the field and it's the same with global or text field.


Any idea?