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Window Flashing and Black Screen during Script run

Question asked by Danxyz on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by philmodjunk

I am having trouble avoiding window flashing and temporary 'black' screen while a series of scripts are executing.  Here is what I'm attempting.


I have a main layout we will call MAIN.  This is where the user hangs out all the time.  I'm trying to provide some kind of progress feedback on this layout while a long script is executing.  The script opens two additional layouts so a record by record compare can be done between two separate tables.  I've elected to put these two additional layouts in two additional windows in an attempt to avoid flicker on MAIN.  The script cycles back and forth between these two additional windows as the script is progressing.  The two additional windows are closed when the script completes.


I think my problem lies in the fact that I'm also trying to update MAIN with the progress number as the script is moving along.  But even 'Freezing' Main and not attempting to update the progress indicator seems to generate the same problems of flicker and temporary black screen.  I do not have any Refresh Window or Pause Script steps in the script.  But I do have several Select Window and Go to Layout steps during the script.


Any ideas on the best practices to address something like this?  i don't need the progress feedback to be in Main but I could not figure out how to put it in it's own window/layout either.