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    Cold Weather Outdoor Printing


      I'm looking for suggestions:


      I have a client in Minnesota that wants to do some outdoor printing of tickets for access control at a gate. (Paid Parking Ramp)


      I have found some ticket printers that will handle the cold, but they are RS-232C DB-9 connectors, and the Printer languages are listed as TCL Printer Language (Page Description Language); Epson-Compatible Line Printer; Backward Compatible with KBM-60


      Is this something I can communicate with through a printer driver, or do I need to use something like Monkey Bread to communicate through Serial commands?


      Any help appreciated.

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          I have a client printing to Epson dot matrix printers (can't get them to switch to plain paper, they want NCR copies) and it works just fine. So there's a chance that you can just install the printer driver and print.


          But the only way to be sure is to get a printer and try it out.