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Access Versus FileMaker and Other FileMaker Question

Question asked by antoniodominion on Sep 26, 2016
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Hello Everyone --


I am new to FileMaker, and to the Community, but it was recommended by FileMaker Support that I post these questions here.


First, hello to everyone and thank you for taking a look at my questions!



I am a new 'developer', hoping to produce a database of materials and manufacturers in a field that I have expertise in, that would be beneficial for other people to have available to them, and that they would pay something, even if it was a nominal expense fee, for being allowed to use my database. 


I would also use this database for my own purposes, so it would not be a waste of time to develop it, even if nobody wanted to purchase it per se.


Here are my questions:

  1) I have Microsoft Access on my computer, which I can use at no extra cost to me.  Besides the fact that the FileMaker database is more visually appealing, what are the pros and cons of using Access versus FileMaker for creating and using a database solution?


  2) I have been watching some FileMaker training videos on, and I noticed in the Layouts that the trainer created, the dates and the numbers were not aligned.  For example, in order to be in alignment in a report or listing, the dates should be right-justified, so that they line up on the right-hand side where the full year is, and the numbers should be lined up on the decimal, so that they look nicer and are easier to read.


In the examples that this developer / trainer had, this was not the case, and it got me wondering if FileMaker was even capable of doing this:  lining up the output fields on the decimal and on the right, so that the data in the rows of the report were in alignment.


If you would be so kind as to answer these questions, I would be extremely grateful.  Thank you very much for your kindest consideration of my questions.  I look forward to hearing your answers and your opinions.


Peace be with you,