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    Bookeo Integration


      I've got a potential client who wants to automate bringing data in from Bookeo into Filemaker. I've read up on the API that Bookeo have, and although it's possible to poll for new bookings using HTTP/GET requests, which return a JSON string I could interpret, Bookeo strongly recommend setting up 'Webhooks' with their API, so that new bookings that are created trigger the webhook to send the information to a specified URL.


      I'm guesing this then means that I have to configure the Filemaker PHP API on the FIlemaker Server to receive and process these posts, but I'm not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree. In the past my experience of API integration has been limited to requesting information, and then extracting the results from a JSON response.


      The customer's solution is hosted on a shared Filemaker Server installation, so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this. Am I wrong?...

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          Johan Hedman

          I would have a FileMaker Robot pull data out of there API to a seperate FM database and then put information where it should be inside your solution. With this you can do better checks whether or not the data is correct and change if needed before it end up in your fields.


          For API I use Base Elements plugin where I can do HTTP POST, HTTP HEADER and much more.

          BaseElements Plugin | Goya Pty Ltd 

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            But why a robot? If I ignore the webhook advice and go down the polling via HTTP GET, then I can do that all on the client's installation of FMP when they press an 'Import' button or whatever?


            So you don't think that the webhook route is a good one to go down?...

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              Johan Hedman

              Reason is that I want to have clean/correct data inside my solution. I call it a "gate" where I have one file that uses all API request against other system/APIs and inside that I have relevant tables for there solution. Then I parse the answer I get from there API into that "gate"´s tables and then from there put information on the right place in my FM solution.


              Having wrong kind of data such as date format, , instead of . in numeric fields and much more can make a mess in FM.

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                Johan Hedman

                You have the "gate" on a FMS and then have FMS Scheduled Script to run every 5 minutes to check for new information that pulls data out off there API and if you also need to put it back you can do that in same routine.


                That routine could be something like this

                     1. Script 1 - Update information in Bookeo from your solution

                    2. Script 2 - Get information out of Bookeo

                    3. Script 3 - Parse inforamtion

                    4. Script 4 - Put data from "gate" into your FM solution


                If you include all error handling this could be done with subscript so that you always just call for one script that runs all 4 scripts

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                  Ho Johan, just wanted to say thanks for the input. I'm going to try my luck with the HTTP/GET requests, and see how I get on. Cheers.

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                    Johan Hedman

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