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Moving data files to a different drive and changing folder names

Question asked by frimages on Sep 27, 2016
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FM15 on Windows 10

My data files are on drive 'C' and I want to move all data to internal drive 'D' whilst also changing the folder name. All files are linked by reference.


I have a field showing the full path:

image:DATA/Outlying villages/Aberthin/chs00730 Aberthin map 2007.pdf

imagewin:/C:/CHS Data test files/DATA/Outlying villages/Aberthin/chs00730 Aberthin map 2007.pdf


Is it possible to do a find and replace as follows:


Find - 'C:/CHS Data test files'

and replace with - D:/CHS Data files


or is life with FM not as simple as that?


Thanks in advance