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    merge rosters of 2 sports teams to 1 page for .pdf


      Dear Forum,

      I receive from member schools, player and coach data by team on .xls sheets.

      I want this info into FM, and to pick any two teams to  merge into a layout I guess

      that I can save in a .pdf for emailing to the home team schools every week.

      Am I going down the right path that this is a conditional value list issue ?

      I think this project would be like setting up an intramural sports league as

      a natural adjunct to anyone who has developed a student attendance tracking file.

      I wish to communicate with someone to get this project done. I am just a beginner in

      FM. Format sample is attached. Your advice, contact would be most welcome. - Jess

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          I am going to move this thread from the FileMaker Community Feedback Space, which is specifically for input on the Community itself, to the Discussions Space where you should receive more views and potentially more advice on this topic!



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            Don't see how you would use a conditional value list to get this result.


            What I see could be produced with two portals, each set to link to the players from a different school


            You import your records from the excel files as one record for each player. If each row or record has a field that identifies the school, you need only set up a "game" table where you have two fields for entering the same school identifier to use in a pair of relationships to the players table.



            Game::School1 = Players1::School

            Game::School2 = Players2::School


            Players1 and Players2 would be two occurrences of the same table into which you import your spreadsheet data


            A portal to Players1 and a Portal to Players2 on your Game layout could then list your two rosters side by side.