Safe Developing on a Laptop: Local File on Laptop vs. File, Hosted on Laptop Installation of Server

Discussion created by disabled_user28297 on Sep 26, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by Ben

I am working alone developing a personal CRM tool in FileMaker 15.  I am the only person currently accessing this file, everything is local to my laptop, and to date, I have been backing up my file a few times a day through a script.


I have considered using a commercial FileMaker Hosting service, but chose not to because of the $100 - $150 per month hosting fees, the risk of slow or no internet access, and because I do not need multiple remote ways to access my file while developing. But I kept on hearing strong arguments in support of FileMaker Server, so I bought a developer's license to test out developing through FileMaker Server, installed locally on my laptop.


Now that it's up and running, I'm concerned about my habit of flipping closed the lid of my laptop. Most of the time I remember to close files but sometimes I am absent-minded. If I do this while server is running, and while I have my hosted file open, I am assuming that something bad will happen. Depending on severity, I am wondering if perhaps this whole server experiment was a bad idea, and that I should carry on as before, simply developing on a local file.


I invite any advice, but in short: which is worse - closing the laptop lid on an open local file, or an open file hosted on a local installation of server?