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    Bad French translation of "table" option on new Truncate table script step


      Product and version FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 15.0.1

      OS and version irrelevant


      Within the new Truncate Table script step, the french translation of the <Table> option / parameter is wrong.

      It displays : "Tableau" which would be correct for labelling a "Table View" ("Vue Tableau").

      instead of : "Table" which is used anywhere else in the FileMaker software to labelling a "database table".

      For instance, the script can actually display the following code :


      Tronquer la table [ Sans fenêtre; Tableau: <Tableau actif> ]


      How to replicate

      Well, on OS X, you can just change you language settings to French and restart FileMaker Pro.

      Workaround (if any)