Field right side of the portal auto-resize.

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FMA 14 and 15


I don't know how to fully explained myself, I will try with some screen capture.


The portal is set to auto-resize right

In the portal I have some field that can be seen and some that I have put on the right side of the normal layout size.



Then I reduce the size of the portal to fit into the page

In browse mode the layout is now fully extending to the right, so is the portal and it will display the field that was hidden when reducing the portal size.


But I can't edit it, all the other I can. It has nothing to do with permission, allow entry in browse mode...

We can see the filed boundaries when clicking on it (which you don't if the field is set not to edit in browse mode.

I can't get a screen capture of the field boundaries lightening up as it only shows when I click


I notice that behaviour only when the filed inside the portal is right to the layout right line


I know that objects right to the layout line, in the grey zone is not displayed, but in my case it's inside a portal that will auto-resize, and in fact is displayed... but can't be edited...


And NO I can't make the right page line larger as many users still use a smaller window resolution 1024x768 with 22" screen because they are getting older and can't read small screen !!


But manager and owner use a larger screen resolution and I put in those sections, information that only high-ranked employee use.


So is this normal ? orit need to be look in to it ??