FMPa 15v2 built-in updater killed my FMPa application

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Sep 28, 2016



Was delighted to use the installer, it did install. But this morning, upon reboot. My FMPa icon was replaced by a forbidden sign, and it doesn't work.


I have to say that I run mac os 12.1 ß1 (the first public one), and that my FMPa had the non english packaged removed (but apparently that should be ok according to 1-more-thing blog post)

So the built-in installer destroyed my FMPa application. Yes indeed not just the dock icon, the app itself.


Actually, it only changed my dock icon to the forbidden sign, clicking it said tge program is damaged. But then I wen in application folder, and click the real icon, and it works ok. But the dock icon I had put has been killed. That report about just dock icon was false, I confused with my FMPa14


I'v zipped the Filemaker advanced 15 folder, so if supports wants it, just ask privately