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Quick find doesn't work in privilege set!

Question asked by yasirali on Sep 27, 2016
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Hi all,

I created a quick find button in a data base file maker and I followed the following steps

     1- create a global storage global storage field in the main table that is related to 3 other different tables.

     2- create a button that run the following script:

          - show custom dialog ["What Do You Want To Find?";"Enter in your search settings below";ACS::g_quickfind]

          - perform quick find [ACS::g_quickfind]

          - set field [ACS::g_quickfind; ""]


The button works perfectly in the full access  privilege, but for some reason it doesn't in a limited privilege set that I  assigned to members with limited access to some tables and fields.


I would appreciate your advice and suggestions.