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FileMaker not compatible with SQL Server versions released in last 4 years

Question asked by ster0401 on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by TSGal

Product and version:

FileMaker Pro 15 and FileMaker Server 15



We are in the planning stages of upgrading from SQL Server 2008 to SQL Server 2016 and just discovered that, out of all applications we use, FileMaker Pro is the only application that does NOT state SQL Server 2016 is certified as supported. The last supported version of SQL Server listed on the ODBC page is 2012 SP1 which was released a little less than 4 years ago.


If we were to use the SQL Server Native Client 11 driver (which is technically not supported after SQL Server 2012) what possible issues could we run into?


What are FileMakers plans on officially supporting recent SQL Server versions and the new ODBC drivers?


We are not doing anything complicated and would be cautious about utilizing new features in SQL Server 2016 that could affect FileMaker Pro ODBC connections.