Preview mode problem with "allow part to break across page boundaries"

Discussion created by scottworld on Sep 27, 2016
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Hi there,


I have discovered a problem with preview mode in both FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Pro 15 (running on OS X 10.11.6) when the body part is set to "allow part to break across page boundaries". However, this problem does NOT exist in FileMaker Pro 13 (running on OS X 10.11.6)... everything works fine in FileMaker Pro 13.


I realize that sometimes the MIDDLE or the BOTTOM of a body part might not break perfectly across pages if the body part is really long and a lengthy text field flows onto an additional page.


However, the problem that I'm seeing is that the body part is actually relatively small, and it is the VERY FIRST LINE of text within the body part -- at the VERY TOP of the body part -- which is having problems displaying properly. So it is the VERY TOP of the body part which isn't displaying correctly:


- In FileMaker 13 (OS X) preview mode, everything works perfectly. No problems.

- In FileMaker 14 (OS X) preview mode, the very first line of text in the body part is dropped altogether. It is missing, and is not displayed at all in preview mode.

- In FileMaker 15 (OS X) preview mode, the very first line of text in the body part separates itself from the rest of the text, so there are 2 separate pages of text.

- In both FileMaker 14 and 15, if I uncheck the option to "allow part to break across page boundaries", everything is fine again.


Now this problem doesn't happen on every single record within preview mode -- it only happens on certain records in preview mode, even if that record only has a tiny amount of text within the text field. So this problem seems to be a combination of multiple factors: it seems to have something to do with the NUMBER of records being displayed in preview mode, combined with other features & layout parts such as sliding fields, title header, header, etc.


Since my layout does have other features & layout parts as well (sliding fields, title header, header, subsummary, and trailing grand summary), I think it might be best for me to email TSGal a sample file of my solution, because there might be something specific about my particular layout which causes this bug to crop up in FMP 14 and FMP 15.