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    Using "find" with a sub-summary


      We are tracking daily student tardies at our middle school and are consequencing students who have 4 or more tardies in a 6-week period.  I have created a related table to pull in student tardies each day.  I have created a sub-summary with a summary field of Tardy Totals.  It is correctly calculating total number of for each student when in "Preview," but I can't figure out how to do a Find in this field for students who have 4 or more tardies.  What am I doing wrong?  I appreciate any insight you can give me!

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          Johan Hedman

          You calculation needs to be a stored calculation to be able to search in the field, it can not be a summary field. Summary fields is only To show

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            That makes sense.  Is there a way to get my tardy summary total from this layout and turn it into a searchable field in my other table? I don't want to define a calculation where I have to include each day's tardy totals.  This is what I did last year and it was way too difficult.  Example:  9/2/16 + 9/3/16 + 9/4/16.


            Thanks for any help you can give me!



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              Actually, an unstored calculation may be acceptable and is simpler to set up. If you find that it is too slow, you can then try using alternative methods that take a bit more work but produce a stored value.


              If you have this relationship:


              Students::__pkStudentID = Tardies::_fkStudentID


              A calculation field in Students can be defined as Count ( Tardies::_fkStudentID ) is an unstored but searchable and sortable field.


              One way to get a stored count is to set up a script that creates a new record in Tardies to log the student tardy and that then adds 1 to a number field in Students to show the current tardy count. You then also need to deduct 1 from this field any time that you delete a record from tardies--say to correct an error or to excuse a tardy.

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                You solved my problem!  This worked great.  Thank you so much!

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                  Okay, this has been working great all term.  However, now I need to start a new list for the next term.  How can I turn this field into a stored number so I know how many tardies a student had the first term?

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                    I believe that you asked this question in a new thread and I answered it there.


                    You can copy the value--by script of manually into a number field to save it as a stored value.