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    background color


      is it possible to change the background color

      of a text box(preferable) or button or field

      with a script

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          You could use conditional formatting and set a variable or global field that triggers the change in background color through the conditional formatting.

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            You might have a conditional format formula such as:


            $$Color = True


            Then a script that does:

            Set Variable [$$Color ; value: True ]

            Refresh Object [Put object's object name here]


            Should do the trick. Use the Inspector's Name box on the position tab (ruler icon) to give an object an object name.

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              On old method (before CF and Themes were introduced) was to store patches of different colours in a reading container field, the set a container field of the same size directly behind a transparent field and populate that by script or calc with the global field repetition of the colour you want.