Xcode No Longer working with FM IOS SDK

Discussion created by ontarget on Sep 28, 2016
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Sept. 28, 2016


Last week I installed Windows 10 Sierra on my iMac. That same day when I was loading a project into Xcode for FileMaker's iOS SDK, I had a dialogue pop up upon opening Xcode that stated I had to install new products. This is not unusual when Apple requires items to be in included in Xcode, so I accepted the install expecting to start working on my project.


I was using Xcode 7.3 because Xcode eight does not work with the FileMaker SDK. This was explained to me by FileMaker tech-support about two weeks prior to this when I also had a problem after installing Xcode eight. I was told that the iOS SDK for FileMaker only works with Xcode seven. Upon installing the products mentioned above, when I tried open my project I had a similar issue to when Xcode eight was installed. When Xcode eight is on your hard drive it produces roughly 30 errors when you try to open a project. You can imagine I was surprised when Xcode seven now produces the same errors after installing Apple's update. It makes no difference what project I open for FileMaker SDK, it corrupts the file for that project producing the string of errors.


At this point, the FileMaker SDK is inoperative for Xcode!


I submitted a different discussion but basically the same outcome a week ago. I feel this one is a follow-up, with more information. I contacted a person who is a FileMaker developer whose offices are right down the street from FileMaker. He explained that this Xcode issue is due to FileMaker not upgrading programming for the iOS SDK or Apple moved ahead with their requirements and did not consider the outcome for developers using the iOS SDK. In essence this miss-communication with Apple and FileMaker has shut down any development using Xcode seven or eight.


My question to FileMaker is how long will this continue? As a developer I consider this urgent, and I'm requesting a response from FileMaker's support team.