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    Mixed Privilege Set


      I have a system with various privilege sets: Manager, Inventory Manager, Sales Manager, Order Entry, etc. For example:






      Inventory Manager



      Sales Manager



      Order Entry






      Occasionally there is a need to have certain people from a various privilege sets add/edit/delete some new feature.  For example, a new feature is created and my customer would like Bob, Francis, and Julie to have add/edit/delete access to the new feature.  (The feature in this case involves a new table with its own layout).


      The layout buttons for add/edit/delete so one approach is hide those buttons for people not on the list.  I'd also need to create a custom menu.  What other approaches have people used?

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          Johan Hedman

          You can always use set  a script to have Full access with Grant Full Access Privileges


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          Then in your script you create If( ) to check if the user is Marcus/Lisa or what you need and run the script from there. Then in Security you can set this script only to be Executed by certain Privilege Sets but it can be run from all, but you can control it

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            An under-used feature are the 'extended privileges'.  You can create one named 'new feature' and assign it to the priv sets of the users that need it, then check for it in your script


            I always get a little weary when I hear 'mixed priv sets' and I try to get to the bottom of the 'why', it usually indicates that there is a role that is not covered by an existing priv set.  So instead of making exceptions in scripts by checking for individual user names etc I would try and define the role and create a priv set for it.

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              Thanks Johan and Wim.