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Copying a table in filemaker

Question asked by amerritt on Sep 28, 2016
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I understand that FileMaker won't allow transitive relationships...

Example: Table A relates to Table A_B_Join, Table B relates to Table A_B_Join, Table A cannot relate to Table B directly.

FileMaker prompts you to create a copy of the table if you try this.


The properties of this "copied" table are strange to me though. Because any changes made to the records on copy are also reflected to the original.

Moreover, if the original is deleted the copy will be missing records.

It seems like this is similar to coding practices where you alias an array.


My questions are these:

1) Why does FileMaker NOT allow a transitive relationship, but WILL allow a relationship to the copy? It seems like the same thing, just messier. I say messier because now you have to name a new table which is a copy of a table which was already well named.

2) How do you know if a table is a copy of another table without relying on naming? Is there a properties menu I haven't found that tells what the original table was?


Thanks for any insight you can give me!