Email malinglist variable

Discussion created by cillion on Sep 28, 2016
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Am making a pop up layout window where I let the user make a mailinglist of the selected peoples. Meaning that I have a portal with all the people and an checkbox where the user check if the email should be included in the mailinglist or not. The mailinglist is one varible that should be rewrited intill the user is pressing send button, then the completed mailinglist should be properly formatted for the Outlook recipient field.


The problem is that I dont seem to find a solution for these actions:

- include the email to the mailinglist variable if it is checked and the mailinglist is not empty

- and removing the email from the mailinglist variable if it unchecked and the mailing is not empty


This are my onObjectModify-script on the checkbox in the portal at theese point:


Hopefully somebody have some tips on this ?