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Function to get guided access mode status on iOS?

Question asked by wintertj on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by wintertj

97.36 percent sure the answer is no, can't seem to find anything at all, but just for due diligence:


Anyone know of a way to tell in FM Go if Guided Access Mode is Enabled and Started?


Building a kiosk for a client that goes to many trade shows and has a booth most weekends, and if we had a function like get(GuidedAccessModeStatus) would make it easy to set a reminder to the kiosk owner to start guided access when setting the kiosk up for the day. Further, you could use the status to conditionally hide a button that takes the kiosk owner away from the Kiosk layout(s) that is not visible while guided access is running, thus preventing kiosk users from getting into layouts that aren't for their eyes. Right now I'm relying on either hidden buttons or brute force (i.e.: end guided access mode, then double tap home button and force quite FM Go, then reopen the file which defaults to a kiosk owner "kiosk setup" layout and not the actual kiosk layout that is for public view) to get off of the kiosk layout(s).


Any ideas of how others may be approaching this would be appreciated.