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    Why can't remote computer see files?


      One remote computer sees the open files fine.  The other sees the computer but there are no files listed.  I just upgraded to v15.0.2.220 on the host computer and the 2 remote computers.  File sharing seems to be o.k. on the host computer.

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          Verify users security settings.  The security setting must allow the user to view the files.

          Is the computer on the same local network?  if not then verify ports (5003)  The ports need to be open in firewall.

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            Hi RobertMullin,




            Option 1:

            Checkout your LAN/Wifi Connection first in your Remote machine!


            Ping your FMServer Address from Remote Computer as following:

            - Go to Run Prompt, Type this & enter -> "Ping 192.168.xx.xx"

            - If you get response from server as "Reply from 192.168.xx.xx : bytes=32 time=122ms TTL=126"


            Else if you got "Request Time-out" or "Destination not reachable" means contact your system Administrator for Network Issue.


            Option 2:

            Else check-out the settings in FMServer as schamblee above said!

            There also cant get solution means contact FileMaker Support Team by put a post in following forum - Report a Product Issue


            Option 3:

            Take the screenshot of your issue & attach here in reply!




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              Thanks for the suggestions.  The first time in happened I rebooted the offending machine and I noticed Windows 10 was looking for a restart and update.  After the reboot all was well.  It continued fine until earlier this week when it had the same problem.  I had updated Filemaker to the latest version the night before so I suspected that might have caused the problem.  I noticed that Filemaker (v15) hadn't updated.  My other 2 computers updated to v15.0.2.220 just fine.


              So I suspect the mismatch in versions on the different machine might be a problem.  Any things to look at for troubleshooting the update?  I appears to download fine.  I get to the point where Windows security asks me if I want to run the update.  I say yes and then I don't see anything that says the update happened.


              I'll look at the other suggestions.  Windows networking seems to be o.k. in general.  For I work around I copy the files (through the network) from the host machine and then open them in the affected computer.

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                The mirror FM15 version differences will cause this type of problem.  


                Make sure all Windows updates have finished installing.  Windows 10 had an update in the past week or so that required a reboot to finish installing. 


                Check  FM Security for the user, to make sure they have the right to view the files.


                If you connecting from an outside network, then verify that port forwarding is setup correctly and that the ip address has not changed on the hosting machine.



                Check Firewall to make sure correct ports are open