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    I thought only one?


      I am using a portal. I then give the portal one simple script step of “Refresh Window.” I click a portal row, and the context, for the record, changes in the Data Viewer. It changes to current portal row (in this case the portal table pk). However, this does not seem to be valid within the context of the record. If I create another portal exactly like the one, I am talking about I watch the Data Viewer context changes, but that new portal does not reflect this change. Can any one break down what is going on here? A while ago, two talented members helped me with this concept (link).


      why only one?


      This made me think it should be seeing record one for all portals. I think I need to understand more stuff. Thanks

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          I'm not sure that I understand your question. But FileMaker is very "focus sensitive" in many areas. If you click on or into a portal row, this row gets the focus and many references to the portal's data via its table occurrences will now be from the context of that selected portal row.


          This is often exploited in FileMaker solutions by setting up a portal as an improved substitute for the standard drop down list or pop up menu. You put a button in the portal row (which can cover the entire row), and the script can transfer data from a field in the portal record into a variable or field as a way to select data from the list in the portal.