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Text Field - Strange behavior

Question asked by Stigge on Sep 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Johan Hedman

Hi all


I have got a strange behavior on one of my fields. One of my users pointed out to me that one of my fields was not searcheble (not 100% sure it ever was).


Text field is named "CostCenter" and is a text field, but most of the times there is only stored numbers. (dont think that matters since i dont use them as numbers).

Table are "Personal reg" and just store all workers (still working and them who left) and information about them.


If i search the field CostCenter for "*" i get all targets that is not empty and if i search "*" omitted i get all empty fields. that works fine.

But if i search a specific CostCenter that i know exists, i get the number of records there is, but all fields are empty even that its not, sometimes they show as "?" on all fields.


Example 1: (how they look)                                            


Example 2: (after search done for the CostCenter 7000060)


If i search any of the other fields its fine, all shown as normal. And inside my other tables where i use this information its not searchable ether.

The field CostCenter is really basic, no calculations or anything.


Do anyone have any idee why this is ? its problebly something really easy, but i cant figure out what. :/