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Send mail from FM14, either external plugin (Smartpill 3) or inbuilt SMTP

Question asked by pdc on Sep 29, 2016
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We're running FM14 and we need to be able to send mail with attachments. Currently we have a server license for Smartpill 3 to utilise PHPMailer. Sending regular mail through this works currently, problem is mail attachments.


We need to be able to change the reply e-mail address frequently. The server also needs to be able to send automatic email responses by itself. We're using both Mac and Windows.


So far I've come up with two ways to do it but I'm not sure how to create it:

Option 1, Continue sending the mail through Smartpill 3 and PHPMailer from the server. But then I must be able to either send the attachment from the client to the server at the moment of sending the mail or any other way to make the attachement available for the server. How would I go about doing this automatically from FileMaker14 in a way that the server can find the file?

Option 2, Use the inbuilt email system with SMTP. This way the clients and server can be responsible to send their own mail. I've looked around but not found out if it's possible to set the SMTP options in a script? I need to be able to change the reply to emailaddress automatically. Can the inbuilt email system handle html formatted mails?

Option 3, ?


If you have any suggestions please let me know.