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Global values in dynamically generated form

Question asked by sivagurS on Sep 29, 2016
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I have a form inside a portal wherein all the objects inside the portal are generated dynamically.

i.e. When the user clicks on the Test button, I run a script, which gets the different tasks under that test.

These tasks are coming from a ESS table: Table_Tasks.

This Table_Tasks has columns GroupName,Task_Name and UIElementControlType and UserResponse.

Each GroupName will have any number of tasks to it and each task will have it's own UIElementControlType and UserResponse


For Example :




I have achieved to display the different Groups in different panels and Group the tasks according to the GroupNames.

The UserResponse for each TaskName will be different.

This works finewhen I don't declare the UserResponse Field as global.

But to keep the values unique across different client files I have to declare the UserResponse Field Global.


I cannot create different table fields as each Test and each task is obtained dynamically.

Hope I have explained my problem clearly.


Any help would be great.