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    Label Templates missing


      I am trying to print results to a badge label using a Dymo printer, but the available templates for the badge sized labels are not available in print setup or when creating a new label layout.  I cannot create a custom sized Layout with the proper dimensions because Print setup does not have any labels available to fit the dimensions within a "page."  Thus the print is always cut off.


      I just have to assume that until I can add a label template to Print Setup, this will not be possible.  Am I right about this? And if so, how do I add a Dymo label template of the proper size?

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          Are you asking about the page size options found in print setup? Those are determined by the printer driver. Many allow you, through the operating system, to specify custom page sizes. How you do this depends on whether you are using mac or windows.

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            Yes, sorry.  You are on point. I'm not having this problem on a Mac - it prints just fine when there is no template size limitation.  For the test environment (The target computer for this solution is PC) I'm on Windows 10 using a Dymo 310.  We just installed the print driver and it's my understanding that Dymo drivers are universal these days, meaning one download supports all Dymo printers.  I will look closer at that.

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              I'm wondering if Dymo tech support can help you. In windows 7, I found that there is a list of page sizes shared by the installed printers that I could work with. I'd assume that the same is true for Windows 10. I recall going in through the installed printers control panel but it's been a while.

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                I figured it out.  I was using a Dymo 310 for testing. Doing so makes specific Label templates available.  Connecting a Dymo 450 solved the problem as the template with the proper label size was made available in the driver.