Lookups are not matching

Discussion created by yomango on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Fabrice Nordmann

Hello everyone. I am running into a problem and can't figure out what is happening: I am scrapping web sites into several Excel files; after that, I am bringing into a two table FM fie what I have scrapped. In one table (company table) I bring Company name, telephones, contacts, etc, and on the other table(import url) I bring company name and URL. Then I do a relookup to match company names and to update  the company table url field. My problem is that in many occasions the company name in one table has leading or trailing spaces. So, I trimmed the company names on both tables before importing, but still  some same company names on both tables show no match. Is tehre a way to tell FM not to import any text format, just plain text? And one more thing that baffles me, when I copy paste from one table to the other to "force a match" most of the time it works but not all the time.


I 'll appreciate a hint. Thank you