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    filemaker cloud


      Any hard numers on how much FileMaker Cloud costs? Disregard license fees I am only interested in how much the hosting costs run and how this compares to the traditional shared hosts before the term cloud became so popular for doing the same thing.


      For instance, a prior hosting service would run from $20 to $50 a month and a private 'server' perhaps $70 or a bit more. Does FileMaker Cloud cost more than this?

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          This pricing guide from Richard Carlton Consultants is a handy guide for FileMaker Cloud on Amazon AWS servers...


          As you will see, if you commit to 1 or 3 years, then the prices can drop significantly....

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            "This pricing guide from Richard Carlton Consultants is a handy guide for FileMaker Cloud..."


            Well; not really.


            It is only a handy guide for determining costs of the AWS portion of a FileMaker Cloud implementation.


            It does not help you create a complete picture.

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              ... Which I think the OP was asking for is it not..?

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                Oops. Yes.

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                  It's quite interesting really... I've also seen one of the low cost 'shared' hosting companies now offering dedicated FileMaker 15 Server (without licensing) for $60/month, which I think is pretty good, but looking at AWS, I can get a similar spec machine I think for under $40 (including SSL cert, Storage etc). I guess one of the reasons FileMaker Cloud on AWS can be cheaper is that it is on Linux, so you are not paying Windows licensing, which costs more on AWS.... An AWS t2.medium instance on Linux is about $26/month (reserved instance pricing, for 1 year) , whereas for Windows Server it is $45 for the same thing...


                  Though of course with FileMaker Cloud I don't get to access the full OS, Custom Web Publishing etc. if I want to get my hands dirty... A bit of a plus and a minus depending on needs... The very nicely managed system/control panel you get with FileMaker Cloud is definitely appealing for many circumstances I reckon... Personally I'm looking forward to it arriving for us here in Europe :-)