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Flickering in Manage Database for [Full Access] user

Question asked by poodlesandchaos on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by azez

I am having an issue in FileMaker 15 where one of my full access users started seeing flickering when he went into manage database to make a TO change, and the flickering was so bad that it actually wouldn't allow him to make any changes. If he highlighted a TO it would deselect itself before he could do anything. For all of my other full access users, no such flickering. I deleted his account, created a new one, and he has the same issue. I created an account that was completely unrelated to his previous username and password, same issue.


The only thing I have heard as a possible explanation is a user/password mismatch amongst all the files hosting on the FileMaker server. But he has full access accounts with the same username/password on all possible files that are served together, and the ones I can't add accounts for, the rest of our full access users do not have accounts in either, so this doesn't appear to be the issue.


Any ideas? We are stumped...