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    FileMaker 15.0.2 Windows Update - Tests So Far


      This is where we've got to investigating the update options due to the lack of standalone Windows 15.0.2 updaters for FM Pro and Pro Advanced, which is being carried out in advance of our Citrix/RemoteApp server update tests.


      Running the download for FM Pro and Pro Advanced creates a folder in the User\AppData\Temp\ folder.

      FileMaker Pro created a folder Update-bb89e2cc-066c-4262-9725-fd2f989d5e93 containing a file fmp.

      FileMaker Pro Advanced created a file fmpa., but I didn't spot a containing folder. However, as this was the first test, we will go back and check again after seeing the FMP download.


      Test 1 was carried out on FMPA by exiting the program, the temp file fmpa. was retained, despite the app exit, and copied to the Windows desktop, leaving the original file in the Temp folder. Running the Desktop located updater file as Administrator failed to run, giving the following error in the Windows Event Log:

      "Product: FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced -- You cannot install or uninstall FileMaker on this system. Please refer to the system requirements in the installation instructions for more information."


      However, launching FMPA again then running the same updater file from the Desktop did work and FMPA was updated to v15.0.2.220 without noticeably exiting and restarting (it was minimised in the background at the time, so we could access the Desktop located updater file). The fmpa. file in the Temp folder was deleted, the one on the Desktop was retained.


      At this point we thought FileMaker had actively prevented us from running the installer manually.


      However, varying the above for FileMaker Pro, the in app download created AppData\Local\Temp\Update-bb89e2cc-066c-4262-9725-fd2f989d5e93\fmp.

      Again, we canceled the update and exited FMP and the temp file was retained. This time we moved (as opposed to copied) the Update-bb89e2cc-066c-4262-9725-fd2f989d5e93\fmp. folder/file to the Desktop and it did run successfully without FMP running and was retained on the Desktop. FMP confirmed that it had been updated to


      Our next steps are to repeat the FMP Advanced update following the same procedure as the FMP update and then see whether these files can be copied to another PC and run successfully. If so, we will proceed on to a newly built RemoteApp server and test this there, although our suspicion, flying in the face of best (safest) practice from FMI, is that putting the server into user install mode and using the in app upgrade will also work fine for streaming purposes.


      Will keep you posted



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          As per FileMaker team they have tested, (Ref: Below as image)


          But we will wait for further details from FileMaker Team.




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            Thanks Suresh


            The purpose of the tests are less to do with compatibility and more to establish what options Windows users have as, unlike the Mac version, FMI haven't (yet) released standalone updaters for FileMaker Pro/Advanced 15.


            We have established that we can access the updaters from the temp file and, at least on Pro, run this manually from another location. The next step is to see whether the file can be run successfully on another PC to avoid having to download repeatedly on a large IT controlled installation. We are also very reliant on third party plug-ins, so need to establish whether we can add some update control until fully tested.


            There is another posting on this site, where the current resolution to a problem as a result of the 15.0.2 update is to revert to v15.0.1. This wouldn't be very popular on a 100 plus seat installation!


            However, if FMI subsequently provide these for download, then this posting will no longer be relevant.


            Kind regards


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              Thanks for this, Andy. I'm curious about the impacts of the in-app updates in a managed desktop scenario where users do not have administrator access to their computers. We have about 11,000 people who will need to have installations automated for them, so please keep us posted.

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                We got these URLs a few days ago:








                Replace fmpa with fmp if needed. x32 for 32-bit.


                I still wonder why FileMaker refuses to put the installers on a documentation page for people.

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                  Hi Christian


                  Where did you get these links from?


                  Kind regards



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                    I may keep it a secret. But feel free to monitor network traffic.

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                      We can confirm that using the procedures for FileMaker Pro above has allowed us to copy the Update-bb89e2cc-066c-4262-9725-fd2f989d5e93\fmp. folder and file to a new PC (in this case a server), run as Administrator from the Documents folder and it has updated FileMaker Pro to


                      There was no indication that the updater is running or has finished, we had to check Windows Event Viewer to check, but the software was successfully updated.



                      The following is not relevant to updating a standard PC, the above should be all that is involved, but for info:


                      In this case we did update a RemoteApp server put into install mode and all clients are successfully running the new version as Remote Resources.


                      Out of curiosity we then updated FileMaker Pro Advanced using the in app update, again first putting the server into install mode. The update went smoothly and all Remote Resources clients are running FMPA


                      We expect our Citrix servers to behave in a similar way, but will do further tests over the weekend.


                      We will repeat the FileMaker Pro Advanced download test, as this did initially fail but may have been down to our procedures rather than the technology.


                      We'll be actively developing on the RemoteApp server over the weekend, so should have an idea as to whether these updates remain stable. We have no reason to believe that they will misbehave.


                      We'll also carry out tests on non administrator accounts and attempt an in app update to see what happens.


                      More to come.




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                        I'm glad to report that the in app download failed on a non administrator account. The option to download was offered (as expected) but the download fails with an error. We always configure the preferences in every account to not check for updates, so for the vast majority of users they'll not be aware of any updates until we decide to run them.


                        Also, putting a Citrix server into install mode and using the in app updater succeeds as predicted.


                        We're keeping this update under wraps until we've fully tested the reported PDF problems, as that could bring our CRM and insurance products to a halt. However, other than retrying the FileMaker Pro Advanced manual update, this concludes our tests and, as far as our managed FileMaker streaming service is concerned, leaves us relatively relaxed with the recent Windows update changes.