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Select portal row records LIVE/reorganize row order live?

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Sep 30, 2016
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This may be an odd one: Is it possible to select Portal Row records live?


As in, I am working on developing a project for Call Sheets for a film set. I have one table that is for Scenes from the film. A User goes in and enters every scene from the film by scene number. Say there are usually approximately 114 scenes, give or take depending on the genre.


On a Call Sheet, among other things, is the list of Scenes that are being filmed on that given day.


I am trying to figure out a way that the User, on the Call Sheet layout [from Call Sheet table, linked to Scenes 2nd Occurrence table by CallSheet_ID] can select which Scenes are added to the given Call Sheet.


I know I can do this by making X number of Sets of Fields (ie. Scene 1 #, Scene 1 Location, Scene 1 Description, Scene 1 Page Count, etc., then Scene 2 #, Scene 2 ...). HOWEVER, then I would have to (1) have all those fields in the Call Sheet table AND (2) would have to decide on a maximum number of scenes per Call Sheet.


IF the Scenes were in a portal, then that would solve the issues of limiting number of scenes filmed per day. I could create a portal that shows related records by CallSheet_ID ["main"] and have a portal of ALL scenes in the film ["ALL"] within that Call Sheet layout so that the User could select the CallSheet_ID in that portal ["ALL"] and thus they would show in the scene list portal [main].


My questions are:

(1) Is there a way to do it without having that "ALL Scenes" portal, where I could somehow select scenes one by one within the main portal?

(2) If NOT (1), how do I reorganize the scenes in the main portal once they are selected? As in, if they need to film Scene 3, 92, 17, and 4, in that order, how can I allow them to move around the record rows within the main portal?