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Meetings Database

Question asked by LoriE on Sep 30, 2016
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So I have been creating a database called "Meeting" and it contains the tables: Meetings details,------< Minutes, ------< Actions


So far I have it set up to have a new meetings detail record be created from the Projects external database file. Now what I want is when a second meeting is created I want the incomplete items from the first meeting to be located from the minutes log and somehow duplicated so they can be entered as meeting #2


the most difficult part of developing a database is to figure out how it should work. I want a record of the minutes for each meeting and I also want the incomplete minutes from the previous meeting to come into the new meeting so I can enter the new business from there.


I haven't even begun to figure out how to keep a copy of the final minutes report for each meeting. Maybe a log of the print views?


Any suggestions or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.