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    Meetings Database


      So I have been creating a database called "Meeting" and it contains the tables: Meetings details,------< Minutes, ------< Actions


      So far I have it set up to have a new meetings detail record be created from the Projects external database file. Now what I want is when a second meeting is created I want the incomplete items from the first meeting to be located from the minutes log and somehow duplicated so they can be entered as meeting #2


      the most difficult part of developing a database is to figure out how it should work. I want a record of the minutes for each meeting and I also want the incomplete minutes from the previous meeting to come into the new meeting so I can enter the new business from there.


      I haven't even begun to figure out how to keep a copy of the final minutes report for each meeting. Maybe a log of the print views?


      Any suggestions or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.




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          do you need to know that an incomplete minute was once assigned to meeting 1 and is now assigned to meeting new because it was not complete?

          The specifics of the solution depend on the answer AND knowledge of how you have the meeting table related to the minutes table

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            Johan Hedman

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              Yes I think I do need to know if that minutes record was in meeting 1 and is now in meeting 2.   Or, I have also created a report for the final document of the minutes for that meeting, but don't  know how I could make that document a permanent so that there is a record of the complete minutes for meeting 1

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                thank you, I will check out the free training.

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                  It's super simple to accomplish something like what you're looking to accomplish. You simply have to accomplish these 3 basic steps, which can all be automated via a script:


                  1. Find all the minutes from the old meeting in the minutes table.


                  2. Either (a) export those minutes out to a temporary minutes file on your hard drive or (b) import those minutes into a temporary minutes table within FileMaker.


                  3. Create the new meeting record so you know what your new meeting ID is. Then, re-import all the minutes from step #2 into your minutes table. After the import, replace the meeting ID across the found set of minutes which you just imported with the brand new meeting ID... which will then link the imported minutes to your new meeting.

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                    why use import and export when you can do it with other methods?

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                      Hmm, let's see... I don't recall saying that there weren't other ways of accomplishing this. Like everything else in FileMaker, there are usually 9 or 10 ways of accomplishing the exact same thing. My method is one of the easiest, quickest, and most foolproof ways of doing this. If you think you have better ideas, then you should share them instead of griping about the contributions which someone ACTUALLY made to the thread. It's easy to complain, which adds nothing to this thread. Much harder to take the time to actually contribute an actual solution.

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                        Any and all suggestions and methods would be greatly appreciated. I believe that the creator of a database will be able to look at all methods and decide which would be the most appropriate.


                        Thanks to all!

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                          Another method which I also use involves looping through your existing meeting records, and for each meeting record that you're looping through, you would then create a brand new record with the exact same information (but for the new meeting). I feel that this way is a slightly more advanced method, which is why I recommended my original method above.

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                            Thank you, and these methods you have offered are done through a script correct?

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                              Yes, that's right. Both of these methods are done through a script. The looping method is more advanced than my brief summary of it above... so if you go down that path and get stuck, let me know.

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                                Wonderful, thank you

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                                  sorry for asking a simple question that was relevant to the discussion.

                                  You assert that its simpler, faster, and more foolproof than other methods...

                                  i am interested in the evidence because if ive been doing stuff inefficiently then i want to learn a better way

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                                    definately correct.

                                    Scripting is the only way.

                                    You should also investigate how to connect your script to the new record button with custom menus because if you establish a method of creating a new meeting record you probably dont want your users to have the ability to create just a new meeting without the minutes checking.

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