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ExecuteSql select from ESS live or most recent shadow table refresh?

Question asked by nrobinson on Oct 1, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2016 by beverly

Hey FM community,


I'm trying to get live data from an ESS source without having to go in and refresh the shadow table every time (which is the most time consuming part if running a lot of different queries).  This begs the question:


1)  If I run a SELECT statement in an ExecuteSQL function looking at an ESS (mySQL) source, does it go grab the live data or the most recently refreshed shadow table data?  (I'm guessing it just looks at the shadow table)


and, related,


2)  Is there any way to manipulate the Execute SQL script to return SELECT results when talking to an ODBC source?


I'm thinking that its not possible but if anyone has found a way, let me know.






Santa Cruz, CA