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Need advice on double data entry validation

Question asked by FaithP. on Sep 30, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by philmodjunk

We have a project that aims to identify what medical conditions are being excluded from a list of research studies. We have 2 medical professionals review each study protocol, and then independently identify the medical exclusion (ICD-10) codes per study, as well as whether they were implicit or explicit in the protocol.


A third person will then review the data entries, and adjudicate discordant data entries.


I set up Filemaker so that there are 2 tables (with the same variables), one for each data entry personnel, and a 3rd table that will contain all the concordant and adjudicated codes


Attached is a sample file with the following tables:

exclusion_a - contains data entered by Staff A

exclusion_b - contains data entered by Staff B

exclusion_final - final dataset with all concordant entries, and adjudicated entries


The fields are:

NCT_ID = study ID

exclusion = exclusion code (ICD10)

exexpress = Implicit or Explicit


Here's where I've hit a brick wall: Since one ID can have multiple codes, I'm not sure what the best method is for flagging discordant entries based on the combination of exclusion and exexpress.


One approach I was thinking of was to create a report/layout for the third reviewer. I would like the layout to list all the ICD codes entered by both data entry personnel and flag the discordant entries. It would also be nice if the concordant entries can be automatically added to the 3rd table: exclusion_adjudicated. And then for each discordant codes, I'd like a button that gives the reviewer the option of adding that term to the 3rd table.


I would really welcome any additional insights/advice the FM community can provide.