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    FMP15v2 still not right icon after installation

    Johan Hedman

      I have a virtual environment in Microsoft Server 2012 R2 where I want my users to run FMP15


      In FMP15v1 I had a problem with .fmp12 files did not get associate with FileMaker Pro. The icon for all those files disappear and I had manually associate .fmp12 files to FMP15v1. This have been fixed in FMP15v2, but after installation the icon that appears in the Menu for Windows is still not OK. It´s not OK to release FMP15v2 with this big bug. FMI needs to make sure this things does not happen for Windows users. I have not the same problem when installing on Mac. Is there a way to get the right icon for FMP15v2 besides me manually adding it to the exe-file?

      Skärmavbild 2016-10-01 kl. 15.38.04.png

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